A downloadable game

Vanaris is a little strategy game made with Godot.


C/ENTER/Mouse Left Button: Confirm

X/BACKSPACE/ESC/ Mouse Right Button: Back

A: see the queue when in Navigate mode

D: toggle debug mode

Q and E to change the unit info panel section.

F: toggle fullscreen


vanaris_win64.zip 38 MB
vanaris_linux.zip 51 MB
vanaris_mac.zip 41 MB


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I've played a ton of tactics games and yours is feeling great so far! It's natural and engaging--and a bit harder than I expected it to be, which is not a bad thing!!

Controls are good and crisp. Do you plan on adding controller support?

The only thing I'd keep an eye on his balance between music and sound. The music levels are good, but I think the selection sounds are a bit high (too much treble?) 

Overall great work and looking forward to seeing how it develops!